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Giampiero Servodio was born in Bari in 1970. He lived for 15 years in Rome and then moved to Milan.

Creativity has always been his passion. After his master's degree at the European Institute of Design, he initially worked as a 3D designer for architectural firms and later specialized as a User Experience Designer, a subject that deals with the analysis and design of interactions between users and interfaces of a product or a service. In the same period he approached photography and, over time, he specialized in street and urban photography.


This professional and personal path led him to develop a particular sensitivity in capturing expectations, attitudes, unexpressed emotions. This is the main character of his photography: whether it is an urban landscape, an architectural detail, a portrait, a moment uncorked from an action, his shots want to provoke the observer's imagination, bring him to widen your gaze and imagine what happens before, after or outside the frame. The photos of him, for those who look at them, want to be an opportunity for a personal and unique experience.

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